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Thursday, June 1
Montevina Sierra Foothills Amador County Barbera, 2002

Verrrrry looong finish with hints of fig, after a big biting tannic start. Interesting....the bottle says its "like an old cowboy they know...a bit leathery on the outside, but once you get to know him he's open, honest, and completely down to earth. " Quite an apt description, and one that truely captures this interesting bottle.

Voted San Francisco Chronicle Top Bargain Wines of 2005. "The Italian varietal Barbera is perhaps the most underappreciated grape in the United States. It's widely grown but often ends up anonymously providing backbone for jug wines. When bottled on its own, it can be an outstanding dinner-table wine that combines two likable characteristics not found together often enough: a big body and palate-cleansing, food-friendly acidity.

Pair with Cheeseburger, or Tomato-based Italian dish

About $7

Day 2 Rating: A- (opens nicely...)

posted by VINORATER (aka VR) @ 7:51 PM  
  • At July 30, 2006 6:35 PM, Blogger Benjamin Bicais said…

    I was happy to read your review of Montevina's Barbera; I've been a fan of this producer for a few years now. Barbera is definitely a varietal to watch from the Sierra Foothills as it seems to thrive in the elevated climate and granitic soils. Boeger Winery and Chateau Rodin from El Dorado also make excellent versions of the grape.

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